Learning and Development

GovTrain’s progressive, multi-year program enables organizations to participate in a series of increasingly complex exercises, with each successive exercise building upon the previous one until mastery is achieved. Regardless of exercise type, each exercise within the progressive series is linked to a set of common program priorities and designed to test associated capabilities. We build upon previous exercises using more sophisticated simulation techniques or requiring more preparation time, personnel and planning.

Discussion-Based Exercise

Discussion-based exercises include seminars, workshops, tabletop exercises (TTXs), and games. These types of exercises can be used to familiarize players with, or develop new, plans, policies, agreements and procedures. Discussion-based exercises focus on strategic, policy-oriented issues. Our facilitators and/or presenters usually lead the discussion, keeping participants on track towards meeting exercise objectives.



Seminars generally orient participants to, or provide an overview of, authorities, strategies, plans, policies, procedures, protocols, resources, concepts and ideas. As a discussion-based exercise, seminars can be valuable for entities that are developing or making major changes to existing plans or procedures. Seminars can be similarly helpful when attempting to assess or gain awareness of the capabilities and operational objectives.


Although similar to seminars, workshops differ in two important aspects: participation interaction is increased, and the focus is placed on achieving or building a product. Effective workshops entail the broadest attendance by relevant stakeholders. Products produced from a workshop can include new standard operating procedures (SOPs), emergency operations plan, or mutual aid agreements. To be effective, our workshops have clearly defined objectives, products, or goals and will focus on a specific issue.


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