Recovery Support Function

Following a disaster, communities and their local governments are forced to make complex recovery decisions. These decisions range widely and can include important topics such as business reinvestment, affordable housing, and building long-term resilience. In addition, many of these communities may lack the capability to address the planning and decision-making processes needed to start their recovery. The consequences of these decisions may impact community prosperity, safety and identity for years to come.

What is Community Planning and Capacity Building?

The CPCB strives to restore and strengthen state, territorial, tribal and local government’s ability to plan for recovery, engage the community in the recovery planning process and build capacity for local plan implementation and recovery management. Recovery planning in the post-disaster environment builds short and long-term community resilience, empowers local leaders and stakeholders and improves recovery outcomes for the individual and community.

GovTrain’s coordination and partner support is tailored to the needs of disaster-impacted states, territories, tribes and local governments through information sharing, assessment and strategy development process.

Examples of coordinated CPCB support activities include:

Community Engagement – After a disaster can be fraught with challenges, including resident displacement. CPCB partners can advise or support communities with reaching and involving all stakeholders in recovery planning.

Educational Workshops – Provides recovery planners and officials an opportunity to ask questions and benefit from the recovery planning lessons learned by others.

Management Capacity – Often needed to implement recovery plans. GovTrain can help communities quickly define local capacity building needs and identify post-disaster resources to fill those management needs.


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